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About eForklift

eForklift is an e-learning service and dynamic toolbox which provides a remote web based process for the theory component of the Refresher Course for the Forklift Operators Certificate to meet the NZ Department of Labour requirements. The programme fully complies with The Approved Code Of Practice and has been moderated and authorised by Competenz.

Candidates are issued with a log-on which will give access to the eForklift training programme for 14 days. The course allows stop and start at will and can be expected to be completed in 2 hours total from the business or home location.



For the individual, eForklift offers the ease and convenience of a theory component programme that can be completed anywhere with computer and internet access, at any time. There is no need to go to the time and effort to find and attend a classroom based course, which will require specific scheduling and travel commitments.The eForklift training programme can be done from the comfort of your home or workplace, as and when you please, within the 14 day access period, saving you time and inconvenience.

For the company, eForklift offers numerous advantages over traditional classroom based renewal training, most notably in reducing Forklift Certificate Refresher compliance costs, saving time and money. This is due to the nature of the remote online programme which can be done anywhere, at any time with computer and internet access. This eliminates or reduces many existing renewal training overheads and inconveniences associated with a classroom based programme such as:

  • Reduced off-site employee time, better personnel resource control.
  • Individual appointment/assessment timing (reducing loss of blocks of employees from productive employment).
  • Reduced costs relative to wages of employees during selected group sessions such as non-scheduled shifts or weekends.
  • Travel time costs to and from training company training facilities.



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